General Info

Commercial vehicle operators in Ontario must have a valid Commercial Vehicle Operator's Registration (CVOR) certificate or for vehicles plated in another Canadian jurisdiction a valid National Safety Code certificate. Find out whether you need a CVOR and how the program works at Commercial vehicle operator's registration (CVOR)

Ontario 511 aims to provide commercial vehicle operators (including truck and bus drivers) with information to assist in planning your travel. If you have any comments on how we can further assist you with planning please Contact Us.

Trucker Mode

A modified Ontario 511 website design to improve user experience for truck drivers and buses. ‘Trucker Mode’ introduces a website that focuses on truck and bus driver information. When in ‘Trucker Mode’, the Ontario 511 website shows truck information at the top of the ‘Map Legend’ and displays truck driver layers and information on the interactive map.

Truck Rest Areas

Safe places for truck and bus drivers to stop and rest are found at various locations in Ontario. The Ontario 511 website indicates whether the areas are open or closed, as well as the amenities available. Some areas may only be open during the summer season.

Ontario 511 provides the location of all Ministry of Transportation owned/managed Truck Rest Areas. Additional information including rest area amenities can also be found on Ontario 511.

Seasonal Loads/ Load Restrictions

Under the Highway Traffic Act, the province enforces reduced load restrictions on trucks to protect Ontario's highways during spring thaw, when road damage is most likely to occur. The Ontario 511 website provides both map and text based reports on any seasonal load changes to provincially owned highways. For additional information visit the Ministry’s Load Restrictions webpage.


Roundabouts on provincial highways and ramp terminals are designed to accommodate a regular tractor-semitrailer design vehicle and are not an impediment to truck configurations compliant with O. Reg. 413/05, Vehicle Weights and Dimensions for Safe, Productive and Infrastructure Friendly Vehicles. Large trucks may need to use more than one lane when they enter, drive through and exit a roundabout. Within the roundabout, they may also need to use the truck apron between the circulatory roadway and the central island. Drivers are cautioned not to drive beside large trucks when approaching or within the roundabout.

Ontario 511 provides the locations and type (single/multi-lane) information for all roundabouts on provincial highways.

Truck Inspection Stations

Truck inspection stations are found at various highway locations in Ontario. Signs indicate whether or not a station is open. If a station is open, trucks must enter and stop for inspection.

Vehicles and loads are checked for weight, height, length, width and axle spacing. Driver licences are also checked for validity and proper class of licence for the vehicle.

Ontario 511 provides the location of all Ontario Truck Inspection Stations. For road safety purposes, the Ministry of Transportation does not provide an open/closed status for stations.


Carriers must apply for permits to operate or transport oversized or overweight vehicles and loads. Carriers are responsible for following all permit conditions to ensure their vehicles operate safely on Ontario's King's highways.

Permit holders may encounter construction zones where the horizontal and vertical clearance have been reduced. Before traveling through any construction zone, the permit holder is responsible for verifying clearances. Road construction reports can be obtained by visiting the Ontario 511 website. Contact the Permit Issuing office if the route specified on your permit requires amending. Visit the Ministry’s Oversize/overweight webpage for more information.

For more information on driving commercial vehicles on Ontario visit the Ministry of Transpiration’s Commercial Vehicles Home webpage.

For information on getting a bus driver’s licence please visit the Ministry’s web page at Get a bus driver's licence.