Developer Resources

Welcome to the Ontario 511 Developer Resource Area! This is a free service that allows users to access Ontario 511 real-time and static transportation data to customize their applications and research efforts. This information is available to the general public, commercial vendors, transportation agencies, researchers, media and other interested groups.

Developer's Access Agreement

Please note that by using any content found in the Ontario 511 Developer Resource Area you acknowledge acceptance of terms of the Open Government Licence. You may find more information.

The Ontario 511 Logo is a variation of the national 511 logo, a federally registered trademark owned by the American Association of Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO.) It symbolizes the quality and consistency of the nation's 511 travel information technology, services and products. Use of the logo is mandatory in conjunction with Ontario 511 and is encouraged by a national 511 Marketing and Outreach Committee. By using the logo, you enable travellers to quickly identify the commonalities associated with the 511 services across different agencies throughout the nation.